About the artist Lisa Amoroso Williams

Lisa initially studied fine art/history gaining a BA hons and later a BEd hons in Education. She is now a retired teacher and full-time artist, living between The Midlands and South Cornwall and also traveling world-wide to gather inspiration from other cultures and their natural and man-made structures.

Her varied series of works, which are accompanied with poetical commentary, explore these structures and their impact upon our environment, society and the human spirit.

Lisa believes that being ‘unself-conscious’ and willing to lose oneself in the work is vital for an artist. . . . “Freedom and risk-taking are the necessary ingredients I use to joyfully experience the creation of art.

By not emphasising ‘a product’ I find that the work becomes more successful as well. The more we are able to reach a state of awareness in which our self-consciousness disappears into the desire to participate with the work, the more it communicates with us. It’s a two-way process of creative energy”

All original and limited edition prints come with a signed certification of authenticity.

I hope you enjoy browsing through the works on this website. If you see a work that resonates with you, you can easily purchase direct from the online shop, or if you prefer to contact me for viewing, workshops or tuition.

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Visitors are welcome to view original works at the studio. Contact me via website, email or call 07902511399